1st Specialty Conference on Monumental Cemeteries

1st Specialty International Conference

Monumental Cemeteries:
Knowledge, Conservation, Restyling and Innovation


May 3–5, 2006

Teatro San Carlo, Modena, Italy


Under the Patronage of

UNESCO  World Heritage Centre

International Master on the Rehabilitation of the Architectural Heritage, CICOP Federation

Organized by CICOP Italy
(International Center for the Preservation of Architectural Heritage)

with the support of
Cooperativa di Costruzioni di Modena

Final programme




Exhibition of Restoration Projects inside the San Cataldo Monumental Cemetery of Modena

The exhibition is part of a “Cultural Project” implemented in the design phase of restoration work after the earthquake of 1997-98, which aims, through a series of events, publications and visitations, to actively involve the citizens in the stages of the process intervention, rather than passively endure it for the inevitable disruption that this entails.

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The recent post-earthquake restoration of the monumental cemetery of San Cataldo in Modena (in italian)