Alberto Satolli passed away

Foto di Alberto Satolli.

The CICOP Italia ONLUS communicates with great pain that the architect Alberto Satolli, Secretary General of our Association for 14 years, unfortunately passed away this night.

Alberto Satolli has been able to raise the historical significance of the city of Orvieto, the operational headquarters of our Association for 27 years, in all artistic fields, from architecture to ceramics, from urban planning to travel literature. Alberto gave us books of exceptional intensity, such as the wonderful Imago VV (Vrbis Veteris), which he offered last October at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Orvieto, to all the winners of the International Hypatia award, and many, many restorations on prestigious historic buildings. He has always awakened the institutions calling them with critical force and with absolute faith in politics.

The Board of Directors of CICOP Italia ONLUS, in great mourning.

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