Rea Tassiou (1941-2015)

Rea Tasiou.
Rea Tassiou.

Rea Tassiou belongs to that generation of women who entered the fields of Science and Management, whilst at the same time always upholding their wider humanistic convictions.

A graduate of the School of Civil Engineering (1964) of the National Technical University of Athens, she then specialized in Soil Mechanics and Hydraulic Works (1964-1976), before being elected, in 1985, as the first woman Director of a technical sector of the Greek National Electricity Corporation (GNEC/“DEI”): the Department of Renewable Energy Sources. It was then that all Greek related big programmes for Wind and Solar Energy began, especially on all the Aegean islands. Rea Tassiou fought systematically for Renewable Energy in Greece and the European Union. Subsequently, she was Director of Research at the Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (“KAPE”; 1990-1997), and President of the Greek Scientific Society for Wind Energy (“ELETAEN”; 2001-2003).

She was a sensitive pianist (Athens Conservatory Diploma, 1959); a liberal citizen (she was fired from GNEC/“DEI” during the Colonels’ Dictatorship in Greece); a keen lover of the Arts; and nurtured a special interest for Ancient Greco-Roman Architecture.