BRAU Congress Paper Instructions


BRAU Congresses will provide an oral session in which Authors will present studies and projects concerning the BRAU topics or BRAU6 specific topic: “Restoration technologies along the Maritime Silk Road, ITALY – BANGLADESH: past, present and future”.

Any of the authors of articles that have been approved by the Biennial BRAU International Scientific Committee may present the article.

Unregistered professionals and the general public may freely attend the presentations.


Submission deadlines


August 15, 2023: submission of Abstract

  • Abstracts shall be maximum 400 words long and written in English.
  • Notification of approval by the BRAU International Scientific Committee will be sent within 7 days from receipt of submission.


September 15, 2023: submission of final version of Paper

  • Please remind that if the final version of paper is not submitted by this date, we cannot guarantee that it will be included in the Proceedings.
  • Notification of approval by the BRAU International Scientific Committee will be sent within 7 days from receipt of submission.



Authors are allowed to present their paper in any (one or more) of the cities joining the BRAU Biennial. Presentations shall be about 15 minutes long, in local language or in english. The first slide of the presentation shall contain the BRAU logo and the full-size title “CICOP Italy – 6th Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration, BRAU6”.


Paper specifications

Papers shall be written and presented in local language (of the country where you are presenting your paper) or in english, be maximum 60,000 characters long (about 12 pages, depending of number and size of figures and tables). Please don’t ask to overcome the characters limit, rather split your paper and submit more than one article.


The paper shall comply with the following indications:

  • the main title should be as short as possible, and in any case shorter than 130 characters
  • indicate full name, affiliation and email address of all authors (maximum 10 authors)
  • insert an “Abstract” section of up to 400 words, written both in English and in the language of the article
  • immediately after the “Abstract” section there must be a section title
  • if present, the “Acknowledgments” section will be positioned after the “Conclusions” section and before the “Bibliography” section
  • tables shall be inserted in the document as images
  • images inserted in the document shall have the highest possible quality and resolution


The digital document of the paper shall be in LibreOffice format “odt” (if you use Word or other software, make sure to save your document to OpenDocument format “odt” before submitting it to us). Please limit the formatting of the document as much as possible (in fact all the formatting you use in your document will be discarded during Proceedings composition). Feel free to contact us for assistance on producind the digital document of your paper.


How to submit your work

  • Abstracts and Papers shall be submitted by email to Documents submitted to email addresses other than will NOT be reviewed.
  • Participants shall send from the same email address given on registration; documents received from email addresses not in the list of registered participants will NOT be reviewed.
  • If the document to be submitted is big (more than 10MB) please use a file transfer service (like Filemail or WeTransfer) and send by email only the link to your document.
  • Do NOT submit more versions of the same document; only one “odt” file should be submitted. You might be asked to pay an additional fee if you send more versions of the same document.


Publishing policy

Upon submitting any work (manuscript or image) to, the sender/author declares and acknowledges that:

  • she/he has been authorized by all Authors to represent them for the purpose of submitting the contribution and declaring what follows;
  • Authors are responsible for the originality of submitted work;
  • Authors are responsible for the contents of submitted work, including claims, conclusions, and appropriate citation, acknowledgements, and authors contribution;
  • Authors have to clearly state any conflict of interest;
  • Authors have acknowledged the sources of data used in the development of the work;
  • Authors grant CICOP Italia ONLUS a perpetual, non-exclusive license to print and distribute the submitted work.



For any question or further assistance feel free to contact us at .