Travel diary along the Via Egnatia

Following the testimonies of migration and multiculturalism along the cultural axis of BRAU2, the Via Egnatia

Monica Meucci and Nina Avramidou tell you the journey along Via Egnatia, made in May 2013 to meet the various Local Organizing Committees in the cities of Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Kavala.

Starting from Thessaloniki, which is barycentric to the cultural axis of the BRAU2, going west leads to Ioannina within about 3 hours; going eastwards in two hours you arrive at Kavala. Getting to Edirne and Istanbul from Kavala is equally easy, following the new highway of Via Egnatia. Continue on the E84 road that connects Thessaloniki to Istanbul. Shortly before the state border you go north towards Vissa along the E85. From Vissa you just cross the border and after 5 km you get to Edirne. From Istanbul to Edirne it takes about 2 hours and a half of the road, using the O-3 motorway.

All these cities have been the venues of cultural events of BRAU2: Ioannina, Thessaloniki (24 October), Kavala (October 26), Edirne (October 28) and Istanbul (October 30).

Travel diary (PDF, in italian)