Brief CV of Nikos Skoutelis

Nikos Skoutelis.
Nikos Skoutelis.

Nikos Skoutelis,  Associate Professor, Polytechnic School of Crete.

Born in Heraklion of Crete (1962). Graduated from I.U.A.V., Venice (1987). Phd N.T.U.A. (2006)

Has worked, in collaboration with Flavio Zanon, in Venice from July 1987 and in Heraklion since 1993 on public and private projects, at the same time participating in architectural competitions. Theoretical works concern: architecture and the city of the renaissance; the theory of restoration and the contribution of history as a tool in architectural composition.

Since the academic year 2005–06 he has been teaching Architectural Design in the School of Architectural Engineering of the Technical University of Crete.