Brief CV of Mohamed Mehaina

Mohamed Mehaina is an architect acquiring more than 17 years of academic knowledge and practical experiences related to GIS/RS applications in multi-disciplinary fields including regional/urban planning, heritage preservation, public health, oil and gas, climate change, and cartography.

Graduated in 2001 from Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, where he also got his Master’s degree in 2006, in the environmental planning field and in 2016, he achieved his Ph.D. in the field of regional planning with special emphasis on using composite indices and advanced spatial planning.

Through his career, Dr. Mehaina participated in extensive national and international strategic development projects related to governmental authorities and international entities like the UNDP, UNESCO and the UNHES. Moreover, his publications vary from books, articles, atlases, city guides and official national reports.

Currently working as, the Deputy Director of the Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In addition and on part time basis, he serves as the Executive Secretary for the Heritage Preservation Committee in Alexandria. Moreover, apart from being a GIS instructor/lecturer in many universities, he is the GIS Program Manager at IEREK.