BRIEF CV of Elisavet Sioumpara

Elisavet P. Sioumpara is the head of the Program of Membra Disjecta at the Acropolis Restoration Service, Greek Ministry of Culture, since 2008. Her research focuses on ancient Greek Architecture and Art. Currently, she re-examines the architecture of the Archaic Parthenon, the so called Hekatompedon, and the entire monumentalization program of the Athenian Acropolis at the beginning of the 6th c. B.C. Her PhD at the Free University of Berlin was about the Hellenistic Asclepius-Temple at Messene, where she worked as a researcher with Prof. Petros Themelis for more than a decade. She has published numerous articles on Hellenistic and Archaic architecture, newly discovered choregic and roman inscriptions from Athens, Management of Archaeological Sites and Restoration Programs.