Brief CV of Giulia Sanfilippo

Giulia Sanfilippo.
Giulia Sanfilippo.

Giulia Sanfilippo, Architect, PhD at University of Palermo.

Researcher SDS: (ICAR 19-Restoration) at “Mediterranean Laboratory of Survey and Diagnostic for the Architecture”, Department of “Civil Engineering and Architecture” – University of Catania.

She teaches “Laboratory of Restoration” at the Master’s degree of “Architectural Engineering” at Catania University.

She is also involved in didactic (Staff Mobility for Teaching – Erasmus Plus) and research abroad and in particular the “Escuela Tecnica Superiór de Arquitectura de Valladolid” – Spain.

She is scientific referent of the library of the Department of “Civil Engineering and Architecture” and member of the scientific committee of the MuRa “Museum of Representation” at the same Departement (Catania University).

Her studies have mainly focused towards the monuments from the 14th and 15th centuries in the Mediterranean countries and the religious buildings from the baroque period, to the aim of conservation.

Today, her scientific activity is essentially divided in three thematic areas: the conservation and restoration of built heritage (basic and monumental architecture); the analysis on building surface; the multidisciplinary strategies aimed at the use of historical buildings, in a context of a sustainable cultural project.