BRAU5 International Committees

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, Founder and Honorary President of Biennial BRAU


  • Prof. Eng. Amir Causevic, vice President of the Faculty of Architecture of University of Sarajevo, President of CICOP Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Prof. Arch. Ezio Godoli, University of Florence, President of Cedacot
  • PhD. Elena Korka, General Director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greece
  • Arch. Chrysanthos Pissarides, President of the Cypriot Section of ICOMOS, Cyprus
  • Prof. Eng. Humberto Varum, Full Professor University of Porto, Portugal
  • Arch. Donato Cosenza, CICOP Italy Directive Committee, Italy
  • Eng. Mario Maio, CICOP Italy
  • Dr. Vassilis Chrysikopoulos, PhD. Egyptology – University of Lyon II, Musem of Akropolis, Greece
  • Dr. Sabah Ferdi, Director research and president CNRA (National Center for Research in Archeology), Algeria
  • Arch. Antonella Carella, vice president of CICOP Italy
  • Dr. Ayat Helmihy, PhD. Cairo University – Political science Faculty, Director AMPIENED, CICOP Net Egypt, Egypt
  • Prof. Eng. Elisabeth Vintzileou, Full Professor,  NTU of Athens, Greece
  • Prof. Hassan E. Mahmoud / AKA (Hassan Fedawy), Full Professor, Faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University Decorative Arts Department, Egypt
  • PhD. Ass. Prof. Eng. Marta Stojmanovska, UKIM-IZIIS Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, CICOP Net North Macedonia, North Macedonia
  • Prof. Ratiba Sahoui, Teacher-Researcher of Geology and Planetology at Departments of Geology (USTHB, Algiers), Algeria
  • Prof. Arch. Maria Rita Amoroso, PhD. by UNICAMP University – Architecture, Technology and City, CICOP Net Brazil, Brazil
  • Arch. Benedetta Maio, CICOP Italia Directive Committee, Italy
  • Dr Eng. Fawzi Doumaz,  First Researcher / Senior, Responsible INGV in Cosenza (UNICAL), Associate researcher CNR-ISMA, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica-Italy (ING), Algeria/Italy


Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou (Italy)


  • Eng. Mario Maio (Italy)
  • Prof. Arch. Maria Rita Amoroso (Brazil)
  • Arch. Maria Inés Abramián (Italy)
  • Arch. Chrysanthos Pissarides (Cyprus)
  • Dr. Ayat Elmihy (Egypt)
  • Prof. Arch. Ezio Godoli (Italy)
  • Arch. Serena Pirisino (Italy)
  • Arch. Benedetta Maio (Italy)