Brief CV of Soheir Hawas

Soheir Hawas.
Soheir Hawas.

Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

She is also the founder and former Chair of the Research, Studies and Policies Department at the National Organization of Urban Harmony NOUH 2004-2013, Ministry of Culture in Egypt.

She was the consultant expert and coordinator of Ministry of Housing and New Communities for the National project of upgrading and preserving of architectural identity of built environment in the Greater Cairo region (2000-2003).

Prof Soheir is a leading heritage researcher as she documented Cairo’s 19th and early 20th century architecture in the Encyclopedia of: “Khedivial Cairo Identification and Documentation of Urban-Architecture in Downtown Cairo” (2002).

In addition, she wrote her book “Urban Conservation-Regeneration of Heritage Areas in Egypt Aga Khan Darb Al-Ahmar Project Model” (2013).

She is also responsible for listing and documenting valuable buildings in Cairo according to law 144, 2006. Since 2013, she started working as the consultant expert of Cairo Governorate for the regeneration project of Khedivial Cairo.