Brief CV of Panagiotis Touliatos

Panagiotis Touliatos.
Panagiotis Touliatos.
Instructive Work

1969 – 2008

1. Professor at the Technological Department of the School of Architecture of the N.T.U.A.
Lecturing at the Schools of Architecture and Civil Engineering of N.T.U.A. the following
a) Building Construction
b) Timber and Steel Structures
c) Large span, Special requirements, High seismic regions, Energy conservation e.t.c.
structures design
d) Intervention of Conservation, Strengthening and Rehabilitation of monumental,
historical and traditional structures
e) Architectural design under the seismic factor


2. Full Professor at the Fire Brigades Officers Academy
Structures under fire and seismic risk
3. International lecturing about: “Historical Construction systems and their seismic behavior”
(Harvard School of Architecture, Mons Polytechnic School, Florens University, U.A.V., e.t.c.)
4. Lecturing at the European University Center of Ravello: “Local traditional constructional
systems in seismically endangered areas”
5. Organization and/or lecturing at many international conferences, seminars and workshops.


6. President and Professor at the School of Architecture – Frederic University – Nicosia,

Scientific Activity
  1. Director of the “N.T.U.A. – School of Architecture – Building Construction Laboratory”
  2. “Timber Research and Development Association” of England
  3. Member of the “Hellenic Architectural Association”
  4. Member of the “Hellenic Underwater Research Association”
  5. Founding member of the “Hellenic association of Masonry Monumental Studies”
  6. Member of the Executive Committee of the “Athens Urban Organization” (1992-1993)
  7. Member of the Scientific Committee of the “European Center on Preservation and Forecasting of Earthquakes” (E.C.P.F.E.) (1992-1994)
  8. Member of the Board of Directors of the National Greek UNESCO Committee. (1993-1997)
  9. First Liaison Officer of Greece to the United Nations Organization for the “International Decade for National Disaster Reduction” (I.D.N.D.R.)
  10. Member of “International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering”
  11. Liaison Officer of Greece to C.E.N. for Eurocode 5 (Design of Timer Structures) and technical responsible for the translation and publication
  12. Founding member of the “Specialists dans la Rehabilitation des Sides Anciens” of the Council of Europe (PACT.19)
  13. 2006-2009/ President of the Technical Council of the “School Buildings Organization” S.A.
  14. Founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the “Society for studies of the ancient Greek Technology.”