Publishing policy

Upon submitting any work (manuscript or poster), the sender/author acknowledges that:

  • Authors are responsible for the originality of submitted work.
  • Authors are responsible for the contents of submitted work, including claims, conclusions, and appropriate citation, acknowledgements, and author contribution.
  • Authors have to clearly state any conflict of interest.
  • Authors have acknowledged the sources of data used in the development of the work.
  • Authors grant CICOP Italia ONLUS a perpetual, exclusive license to print and distribute the submitted work.


Papers shall be written in english and be maximum 50 thousands characters long (about 10 pages, depending of number and size of figures and tables).

Authors are not asked to provide a stylistically formatted document using Word or similar software, but to provide a document containing, in a structured form, all the data required for publication (i.e. authors’ data, abstract section, reference list, images and captions list, titles text and level, and so on).

This can be achieved in many ways, but for uniformity we ask you to use a free online platform, Authorea.

Tips about using Authorea

Once you have registered to Authorea and you are logged in, write your paper by starting from the template “Research Document“. At this point you will be able to write your paper online similarly to how you would do using Word. If your document has complex figures or tables and you think that Authorea tools are not flexible enough to obtain the desired result, just write a strongly highlighted note in the paper (e.g. “******** Place here table from file “my_table.xls” *******”) and we’ll take care of it.

The documents you write using Authorea can be exported in PDF format for a preview, and when you are ready to submit your paper for publication, export it choosing the ZIP format and upload the ZIP file in your private area of MMC3 Conference website (you can access to it after registering to the Conference). Remember to add to the ZIP file any additional file needed for the document.

Alternatives ways to prepare your paper

If for any reason you don’t want to register to Authorea and you are comfortable with (or you want to try using) tools like LaTeX or MarkDown, we can accept contributions written with them (, Overleaf or LyX are good starting points if you want to try), as long as you contact us to arrange for a few details.

Stuck to Word

If you can not do without using Word, unfortunately we are forced to charge you a small amount of €40 to cover the costs of composition and layout. In any case, you are required to send figures and tables in their native formats (JPG, PNG, TIF, XLS, etc.) as independent files, separately from Word document.


Participants may submit a maximum of 6 posters on the same subject.

Posters specifications
  • Poster size; posters shall be printed to A0 format paper with portrait (vertical) orientation (width 841 mm, height 1189 mm).
  • Image Resolution; 9932 x 14046 pixels (equivalent to 300 DPI for A0 size).
  • Paper weight; not less than 150 gr/m2.
  • Digital format; poster files shall be in PDF (compliant to mode PDF/A), PNG or JPG format.
  • Minimum font size; smallest text must be easily readable when the image is resampled at a reduced resolution of 1358 x 1920 pixels.
  • Required contents; all posters shall contain the following elements:
    • CICOP Italy logo, in upper left corner, at native resolution of 2120 x 445 pixels;
    • poster author(s) name, in upper right corner.


Work submission deadline is March 31, 2019.