I am addressing to my Muslim Colleagues and Friends,  engineers and architects with whom I had the honor to collaborate and co-participate in international events of common interest to the research, such as those of the earthquake engineering and the protection of the World's Architectural Heritage.

We all know that the first european standards (Eurocodes) approved and adopted by all European countries were those that concerned our engineering / architectural  field (although with minor changes made by individual countries in relation to the local production of building materials and to local economy). For all the other standards'  the adoption process was much more longer.

We also know that the the middle of the last century, several  Eastern and Western european countries, despite sharply divided from the political point of view (and religious in part) have been clustered to produce technical standards and transmit their knowledge to each other. I am refering,  just to mention a few examples, to the establishment of the CEB (1953, European Committee for Concrete) and at the probabilistic calculation.

The passion for scientific research, for the knowledge and for the culture has prevailed over narrow party interests.

Let's hear all united, even now, with great force, our dissent against all forms of gratuitous violence done in the name of religious beliefs, against defenseless people (children and adolescents, adults oblivious) and against the built heritage.

Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou
CICOP Italy President