The International Centre for the Preservation of the Architectural Heritage - Italy, is a non-governmental institution that pertains to CICOP.Net - Network of International Centers for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage, pursues the following objectives, through various cultural activities, as stated in article 2 of its Statute:

  • Collect, study and release documentation and contributions relating to technical, scientific and legal aspects of the protection, preservation. restoration and management of the cultural assets, both real and movables, which are an integral part of the historical artistic heritage on a national and international level.
  • Coordinate, promote and stimulate the exchange of information regarding the historical artistic heritage, as well as define mechanisms of protection in case of natural catastrophes or military actions.
  • Promote the realization of specialized courses, national and international seminars, workshops, conventions and congresses. exhibitions, study encounters or similar initiatives in collaboration with university institutions, research centres, museums and government and non-government institutions, national and international.
  • Stimulate and promote the knowledge and diffusion of the formation, evolution, contributions, international projection and characteristics of the historical artistic heritage, as well as solutions, protects and alternatives for its preservation and protection with the participation of teams of experts in the various fields.
  • Help promote projects aimed at the recovery of specialized craft techniques relevant to the historical artistic and cultural heritage. Promote and stimulate the exchange of scholars, professionals and specialists in the sector well as technologies, materials, methods and techniques of protection, preservation and restoration of the constructed heritage.
  • Maintain relations of collaboration regarding the protection and management of the heritage with the competent Italian administrations, as well as with the institutions, analogous centres, museums, universities, etc.
  • Help in overcoming the static conception of the heritage, and help develop its constant dynamic relationship with the territory and region to which it belongs.

CICOP Italy was a founding member of CICOP Federation in 1994. In 2011 detached from it in order to pursue more vigorously its own opening at the international level aimed at all geographic areas.