BRAU5 Programma Grecia

All times are in local time of Athens
(EEST / UTC+3)


Portuguese↔English simultaneous translation available


BRAU5 Greece
Tuesday 4 May, 2021

On digital platform Zoom



Eng. Gianluca Rodonò, University of Catania, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Eng. Angelo Monteleone, University of Catania, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

10.00 – Welcome

10.05 – 10.30

Institutional greetings

Mr Georgios Hatzimarkos, Governor of South Aegean, Greece (message)

Dr Elena Korka, Ministry of Culture Greece, ICOMOS Greece

10.30 – 11.15

Inaugural greetings

Prof. Eng. Amir Causevic, President of CICOP Net Confederation, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (message)

Prof. Eng.  Assia Harbi, Centre of Research of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geophysics, Algeria, winner of the Hypatia International Award (message)

Prof. Eng. Arch. Maurizio Di Stefano, President ICOMOS Italy

Prof. Arch. Maria Rita Amoroso, President CICOP Net Brazil, ICOMOS Brazil (message)


11.15 – Arch. Benedetta Maio, Board Member of CICOP Italia
Presentation of CICOP Italia Association, initiator, promoter and international coordinator of the Biennial BRAU

“CICOP Italia: 27 years of cultural commitment with exclusive social purposes” (video)

11.30 – Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, Founder and Honorary President of the Biennial BRAU

“Biennial BRAU 5: origins, developments and expectations” (video)

12.00 – Eng. PhD Senada Demirović Habibija, Univerzitet Džemal Bijedić, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Culture as a tool for bridging diversities”

12.15 – Prof. Eng. Andreas Georgopoulos, Laboratory of Photogrammetry School of Rural & Surveying Engineering, NTUA, Greece / Prof. Eng. Antonia Moropoulou, Emeritus Professor of NTUA, Greece

“The Geometric Documentation at the Service of the Rehabilitation of the Tomb of Christ”

12.30 – Prof. Eng. Vincenzo Sapienza, University of Catania, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CICOP Italia

“Innovative strategies for the protection and enhancement of the archaeological cultural heritage in the ancient Greek colony of Megara Hyblaea in Sicily”

12.45 – Prof. Arch. Roberto Corazzi, University of Florence, Italy, CICOP Italia

“The Dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence”

13.00 – Ass. Prof. PhD Valerija Kopilaš, Ass. Prof. PhD Maja Roso Popovac, Eng. PhD Senada Demirović Habibija, University of Mostar, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Partial improvements in the absence of comprehensive regulations”

13.15 – Debate

13.30 – 15.00 – Interval


Arch. PhD Elisa Taveira, Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil

Arch. PhD Liliane Janine Nizzola, Superintendent of IPHAN in Santa Catarina, Brazil, public server of the National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage and in the central area of IPHAN in Brasilia, Brazil

15.00 – 16.00

International Award Hypatia with the participation and the presentation of the winners

Prof. Eng. Assia Harbi (Algérie), Seismology, Geophysics (video)
Prof. Eng. Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane (Maroc), Planetary Geology (video)
Dr Thi Duong Chi Nguen (France), Medicine, Public Health (video)
Prof. Eng. Amado Gustavo Ayala Milian (Mexico), Seismology (video)
Dr Teruko Kawabata (Japan), Nutritional Education (video)
Prof. Dr Irma Della Giovanpaola (Italy), Archeology
Eng. Fatima Hossaini (Afghanistan), Art, Photography
Dr Niède Guidon (Brazil), Archeology (video)
Prof. Eng. Inas Omar (Egypt), Environmental Preservation (video)
Prof. Arch. Alberto Satolli (Italy) Archivist, Designer

16.00 – 19.00

International Forum on the shared Italian architecture in Greece and Brazil: past, present and future expectations

Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, promoter of the Forum, brief introduction

“Why this Italian, Greek, Brazilian Forum on the shared cultural heritage?”

16.00 – 17.30 – First part: the Italian colonial architecture in Mediterranean countries

Arch. Francesco Bandarin, former Director of the  UNESCO World Heritage Center (2000-2010) and UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Culture (2020-2018), Advisor to ICCROM and to the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, founder and member of the Advisory Committee, OURWORLDHERITAGE Foundation.

“On the shared Cultural Heritage”

Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, President of CICOP Italia

“The Italian colonial Architecture (1912-43) in Rhodes, Kos, Kalimnos, Leros Islands, Greece: decorative-typological aspects and constructive ones”

Prof. Arch. Ezio Godoli, President of CEdaCot, Italy, member of CICOP Italia

“The ltalian Colonial Architecture in the Mediterranean area”

Arch. Benedetta Maio, CICOP Italia

“The recovery of the Italian colonial architectural heritage in Rhodes: verification of feasibility” (video)

17.30 – 19.30 – Second part: the Italian colonial architecture in Brazil

Arch. Fábio Domingos Batista, Moisés Julierme Stival Soares, CICOP Net Brazil

“Architecture of the Italian immigrant in Santa Felicidade, Curitiba-PR, Brazil”

Arch. Liliane Janine Nizzola, Marco Antônio Minozzo Gabriel, CICOP Net Brazil

“Timber, brick and stone: the Italian immigrants’ heritage in Santa Catarina between decadence and valorization”

Arch. Elisa Taveira, Stephanie Marques, CICOP Net Brazil

“Cultural Heritage of Italian immigration in Espírito Santo: Perspectives for the recognition and protection”

Arch. Lindener Pareto Jr., CICOP Net Brazil

“The charm of the Capomastri: Italian builders and the eclectic architecture in the suburbs of São Paulo”

Beatriz Piccolotto Siqueira Bueno, CICOP Net Brazil

“Architectural and documental heritage at risk: São Paulo palimpsest”

Arch. Miguel Antonio Buzzar and equipe, CICOP Net Brazil

“Italians’ architecture from São Paulo State” (video)

Arch. Natália Cappellari de Rezende, Arch. Maria Angela Pereira de Castro e Silva Bortolucci, CICOP Net Brazil

“Italians in the construction of urban-architectural modernity in the northeast of São Paulo, Brazil”

Arch. Jose Alfredo Queiroz dos Santo, Prof. Arch. Lucio Gomes Machado, CICOP Net Brazil

“Biacica: Restoration of a chapel, residence or community center?”

Arch. PhD Jose Alfredo Queiroz dos Santo, Prof. Arch. Lucio Gomes Machado, CICOP Net Brazil

“Restoration of Quartel da Luz, São Paulo Brazil”

19.30 – 20.00 – Debate

20.00 – Final Declaration of the Biennial BRAU5, by Nina Avramidou