BRAU5 postponed due to COVID-19 pandemia

PDF Button Dear Coordinators of Biennial BRAU5 and Presidents of Hypatia International Award, We are all living a new and difficult experience that makes us worry about our health, that of our affections and our future. Despite this, all collaborators and volunteers of CICOP Italia and me, we are determined to continue organizing the next Biennale BRAU5 and the events connected to it with the same enthusiasm that distinguishes us. But this new challenge that puts us in front of an invisible and so dangerous enemy, forces us to make some changes to the programming of our activities related to BRAU5 and the events connected to it. We just want to let you know that it is necessary to move the date of BRAU5 from 15-30 October 2020 to 15-30 April 2021. We think you will all agree. We will all continue to work with the same tenacity to organize this important international cultural event involving 7 different countries on 4 continents and we invite you to stay in touch with us as planned a year ago. An affectionate hug to all of You. Nina Avramidou