BRAU4 and HCH Congress Submission Instructions

BRAU4 and HCH Congress will provide both oral and poster sessions, in which studies and projects concerning the BRAU topics or HCH Congress topics will be presented.

Participants registered for oral session may present one paper in the oral session and also expose posters (on the same subject of paper) in the poster session.

Participants registered for poster session are allowed to expose posters in the poster session.

Unregistered professionals and the general public may freely attend the paper presentations and visit the poster exhibitions.


In order to be included in BRAU and HCH Congress Proceedings, papers and posters should be submitted in digital format and comply with the following guidelines.


Oral session

Registered participants are allowed to present their papers in any (one or more) of the cities joining the BRAU4 and HCH Congress. Presentations shall be about 15-20 minutes long, in local language or in english.

Papers must be written in english and be maximum 10 pages long. The document shall be saved in ODT format, an open standard supported by the most popular word processors (Microsoft Word 2007+, LibreOffice, Open Office, Google Docs, etc.).

It is strongly recommended to write the paper starting from the example of paper in ODT format provided below, which already contains all required formatting. In such a case LibreOffice, the suite used to produce it, might be the preferable choice.


Poster session

Registered participants are allowed to install their posters in any of the cities (one or more) joining the BRAU4 and HCH itinerant Congress, the day before exhibition begins, or alternatively send the posters to Local Co-organizer. In the cities in which the paying participant does not install nor send the posters, her/his posters will be presented to the public through slide shows by means of projectors and wide LCD displays.

Registered participants may expose from a minimum (suggested) of 3 to a maximum of 5 posters on the same subject.

Posters specifications
  • Poster size; posters shall be printed to A0 format paper with portrait (vertical) orientation (width 841 mm, height 1189 mm).
  • Image Resolution; 9933 x 14043 pixels (equivalent to 300 DPI for A0 size).
  • Paper weight; not less than 150 gr/m2.
  • Digital format; poster files shall be in PDF (compliant to mode PDF/A), PNG or JPG format.
  • Minimum font size; be sure to use characters big enough to let visitors read any text from at least one meter of distance.
  • Required contents; all posters shall contain the following elements:
    • BRAU logo, in upper left corner, in an area of 8×8 cm (945 x 945 pixels);
    • poster author(s), in lower right corner.

Here is an example of poster in PDF format and JPG format.


Sending your digital document

If your digital document is less than 20MB in size, you can submit it by email to (please do NOT submit to additional email addresses because it would slow down the acceptance procedure, ask for receipt confirmation instead).
Otherwise please upload it to a web storage space of your own, using a service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, and send us by email only the link to your document.

Upon sending the document, the sender/author acknowledges that:

  • Authors are responsible for the originality of submitted manuscript.
  • Authors are responsible for the contents of submitted manuscript, including claims, conclusions, and appropriate citation, acknowledgements, and author contribution.
  • Authors have to clearly state any conflict of interest.
  • Authors have acknowledged the sources of data used in the development of the manuscript.
  • Authors grant CICOP Italy a perpetual, non-exclusive license to distribute the submitted manuscript under Creative Commons BY-SA License.


Make sure you have registered yourself before submitting, otherwise your submission will NOT be considered.

For any question or further assistance in producing the digital documents feel free to contact us at .