BRAU4 Learners Competition

PDF Button International Competition for Students and Recent Graduates Introduction BRAU (Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration) is a biennial with its own statute and a set of specific themes, which translate into seminars, shows, art exhibitions, projections of documentaries, debates, visits, all open and also aimed to the public. The purpose of these activities is to bring out the architectural and urban local heritage and raise public awareness to its protection, creating an international forum of discussion between countries with similar problems, but various economic and socio-political situations. The event is sponsored by the International Center for the Preservation of Architectural Heritage (CICOP Italy, no profit association with cultural purposes) and by recognized scientific and cultural authorities in the field of Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage. The international competition, addressed to students and graduates from less than three years, requires contributions about innovative restoration solutions for the place where the competitor resides, with the aim of promoting the values of local architecture. Location The competition is open to all the students and recent graduates in architectural restoration. In particular, are encouraged to participate students and recent graduates from Universities of the Mediterranean area. This is because the BRAU4 … Continue reading BRAU4 Learners Competition