Tunis Final Program

Final Program of Biennial BRAU4 in Tunis

April 21-22, 2018

INP Laboratoire, University of Manouba


1st Day – Saturday, April 21, 2018

10.00 – Presentation of Biennial BRAU

Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, President of CICOP Italy and CICOP Net Confederation, founder of the Biennial BRAU

10.30 – Oral Session

Prof. Eng. Theodosios Tassios, NTU of Athens, Greece
The submerged Ancient Greek Technology: From the ship-sheds of Piraeus to the shipwreck of Antikythera, by video conference


Prof. Arch. Leila Ammar, National School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tunis
The basilica of Damous al Karita in Cartago, a hidden and obstructed heritage


Arch. Souad Djemimi, Arch. Ghania Aissaoui, Blida, Algérie
Restauration d’un monument historique – Cas de la mosquée Ketchaoua «Alger»

12.00 – Coffee break

12.30 – Oral Session

Prof. Ezio Godoli, University of Florence, Department of Architecture / president CeDACoT
From vernacular to pre-modern. The transformation of the peasant dwelling into a merchant house in as-Salt, Jordan


Prof. Eng. Amir Causevic, University of Sarajevo, vice president of the Faculty of Architecture of Sarajevo, President of CICOP Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof. Lemja Chabouh Akšamija
Emergency and recovery slow: the case of post-war in Sarajevo and B&H

13.30 – Lunch

15.30 – Oral Session

Prof. Arch. Marcello Scalzo, University of Florence, Department of Architecture
Co-Author: Arch. Foteini Stringari
The importance of the little museums near to archaeological sites: the project of the Archaeological Museum of Souni, Greece


Prof. Arch. Ulisse Tramonti, University of Florence, Department of Architecture, President of degree course in architecture of the NSBC University, Tirana
Tirana: an example of the valorisation of anti-atomic bunkers


Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, President of CICOP Italy and CICOP Net Confederation
The charm of decay of the masonry buildings

17.00-18.00  Poster Session


2nd Day – Sunday, April 22, 2018

11.00-18.00  Architectural tour in Tunis