BRAU3 Presentation

PDF Button   CICOP Italy presents the 3rd Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration     BRAU is an international and interdisciplinary cultural event which took place from 15 to 16 October 2015   Culture Without Borders, Countries Without Borders Brief presentation (PDF, in italian) The success achieved with BRAU2 is strongly connected to its sub-theme, “Migration and Multiculturalism along the Via Egnatia”, as well as the careful selection of sites that flank the new Via Egnatia. CICOP Italy has been strongly committed on this theme in the last three years, in order to contribute to intercultural dialogue and community, which is the foundation of peaceful coexistence. Given the success and the consensus achieved to date, we believed that the third Biennial had to pursue the fundamental objectives of the previous one, sharing the same places where it was most successful. The main difference from previous edition is that the cultural axis spreads from the old Via Egnatia to Northern Europe ending in Germany. Hence the title, “Culture Without Borders, Countries Without Borders”.     BRAU3 International Scientific Committee   With the patronage of